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Posted 19 June 2017 - 11:42 am

lash rejuv Sticking marks very important for me to talk about eyelashes and eyebrows done what i'm getting some little comments to say how i like this better looking longer Some people ask me if they're also fake eyelashes or the front part of something different their recent browsers are more crowded and this is true because I did something that was not fake but I used zero for the 5th attack A month and a half I want 55say and any set of two guys when i have 5I want to try first i did not have 5want pleasure to talk about it did not work and i'm not affiliated Those with this brand and not paying me I have these myself on purpose, but it worked enormously Ly is the front flight and the ash syrup how to read would have gelling product I have a friend on Google and YouTube 5spirit calls Ally and when I went In one day and I saw that the lashes were so long and she is Japanese for the Japanese tend to have more straight and no long lashes but her legs touching the eyebrows practice they realize that they are quite long and I have said The old ones are fake eyelashes she's like I was using this buzz so it was like Oh God to prove I bought it and this is the lilac serum and I have to say I do not use it every day sometimes I forget or are just lazy that I probably did every Thursday or something for a month and a half 5e can already see my results 55lashes are thicker 5there is darker and I'm a lot more 5and you know what you do not use the mascara That look good can simply call the time zone method really can use 5anything that girl you want to keep him and his life is still really going od even that i bought for my mom to try because i liked it so much and then i also bought 5 theorem that is my favorite, as I could do without this actually do not bother I have long since been told the truth, but I really wanted to have thicker eyebrows and this worked tremendously my eyebrows Oh are very thick, Even after the video is about to remove one of my eyes here They come before I remove my eyebrow trick and you can see how 5IT is not like it is not so bad, no makeup no longer trick on eyebrows and you can see that they are not so bad 5very we like this has the trick yet But thick enough and fairly full and 5yeah are very happy with the 5about results even did not really need 5makeup to be honest as it is fun if you do not like them to do a little more 5thick now and a bit more symmetric but It works a lot so you feel like your eyebrows are thick and sharp without makeup tonight I would like the most often and I'm still using, but I feel that they look good, no makeup and eyelashes then life is easy you can wake up and you are almost ready ready In pop some lash rejuv concealer and actually like I'm just going to the door, so i'm very happy with these really recommends they will continue to use the only 5thing i have is or i STED ended it i realize that i My eyes.


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