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Forum Rules

The full Board Rules can be found in this thread and you should take the time to read through them.

From those full rules (which you should read, as you are agreeing to abide by), your attention is especially drawn to One Painfully Obvious Rule which can cause immediate no-appeals permanent banning:

No being a spammer - which we define as "joining the forum in order to post links or promotion for any business, product or commercial enterprise, or to promote a non-commercial activity in any manner which would be considered a nuisance".

This forum may not be exploited for financial gain in any way whatsoever. No chain letters or "matrix schemes", no advertising your business (or anyone else's) or similar are allowed - not in posts, not in signatures, not in avatars, not in any part of your user profile nor by unsolicited Private Message. The only exception to this rule is the allowance of 1 (one) post in the Joinee High Street topic in Requests (Genuine fundraising for legitimate registered Charities is, of course, allowed.)

Any account which the Admins / Moderators (in their honest opinion) believe to be "spammer in nature" will be banned as soon as we get round to it, with ALL POSTS removed.

We also have an etiquette guide, which is also worth looking at.

All users are reminded of the following:
If your account is banned, then you are banned.

If you need to contact the forum administrator (including if you feel the need to send a "DMCA Takedown Notification / Request" or any similar legal-type message), please email forum@joinees.org